Soluções exclusivas de linhas de produção para não tecidos
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Providing systematic and comprehensive services for coil handling equipment plays an essential role in the metal fabrication process.

The technical consulting services are free of charge for all the customers. No matter if you are in the metal stamping field for decades or new to this industry, HE is committed to finding the most suitable coil handling solution for you.

And our engineers provide global on-site service, including equipment installation, on-site training, and production line optimization, etc.

HE also provides related product service in low margins, such as the safety barriers and quick die change system, etc. These are no for profit, but for better service, to help our customers save purchase costs.
  • Free Technical Consulting
    HE provides free professional consulting services for all customers, such as problem finding, project evaluation, feasibility tests, and after-sales personal technical specialist support. Read more>>
  • Personalized Solution
    According to your specific application, HE will offer personalized coil handling solutions with stable and reliable performance. Click to find out what can HE do for you, and how does HE help. Read more>>
  • Customized Part Service
    Parts customization service is available for our customers as well as other brands customer. HE supplies CNC mechanical parts, standard electronic components, and hydraulic/pneumatic components. Read more>>
  • After Sales Service
    HE provides lifelong services and one-year free after-sales for your coil feeding equipment. Click to find more about the installation service, on-site training, regular security check, and spare parts repair service. Read more>>
  • Production Line Optimization
    Through close cooperation with our customers, HE can conduct a detailed analysis of coil feed line and related production processes and then propose feasible optimization solutions to improve the line performance. Read more>>
  • Related Product Services
    For better service, HE provides related products in low margins, includes safety barrier fence, safety curtains, lubrication unit, scrap choppers, rubber feet, inspection devices, BDC detecter, and quick die change system. Read more>>
  • Agents Support Service
    Gaining competitive advantage requires operations running as stable as possible, and a reliable partner is a key. Whether you’ve been in the industry for decades or just starting, HE is here to help. Read more>>
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Ao escolher a linha não tecida KEHUAN para o seu processamento PP, você sempre desfrutará de:
  • Solução técnica atenciosa e flexível
  • Desempenho confiável e eficiente da máquina
  • All-day and quickly respond services
  • responder serviços
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